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My name is Isaac Dell, a creator in Grand Rapids, MI. My work is centered around my training as a fine artist in the representational tradition. As a creative, I am always seeking inspiration and the human form has played an important role in my designs. The intentionality behind the body is evident through its proportions, structure, and fluid rhythms that unify the parts-- leading ultimately to me seeking the mark of my creator. My practice and experience has built over years of study, travel, and commission work. I am currently assisting sculptor J Brett Grill, I have worked extensively with Anthony Frudakis at Hillsdale College as well as along side Bruce Wolfe on his Frederick Douglas sculpture. I have traveled and studied all over Europe, including a summer workshop at the Florence Academy of Art in addition to a stone carving workshop with Tuscany Studies Workshop in Cararra, Italy. When not creating out of my studio, I change pace in my mobile studio on a great lake up north. If you have any questions or just want to say hi, don't hesitate. In the mean time,

S t a y i n s p i r e d



Isaac N. Dell

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