Classic Exploration

from inspiration to final product, the details inform the whole.

  • Artistic Vision

    Stay strong re: artistic vision--

    How can you learn from a particular project if you waiver on that vision? The linear progression will become muddled, therefore making it hard to accurately judge the success or failure of an idea. And remember, failure is just another word for progress.

  • Life of Design

    Design is not a habit, skill, craft, or idea. It is a lifestyle. It will make itself known in everything you do. It will ooze out of every pore, and clothe those around you. Great design has no time.

  • Space vs. Form

    Sculpture is about form. In form we like to find contrast, but what is the opposite of contrast in form? Space? Thinking about application, space around form emphasizes the whole form. In my sculpture, I think not only about the form, but also how I use the space around it.

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Anatomical Arm_Bronze_edition 3/25
Female Torso_Bronze_edition 2/25